Outgrowing Your Home? Here’s What To Look for in a New Home

Outgrowing Your Home? Here’s What To Look for in a New Home

Windsor is ideally situated between Fort Collins and Loveland in Weld and Larimer Counties. It is one of the fastest-growing locations in northern Colorado, making the real estate market competitive, with prices rivaling those in Fort Collins. With excellent educational opportunities from kindergarten through high school, those with children looking for Windsor, CO, homes for sale will not be disappointed. Windsor features all the amenities of a city but retains its small-town charm. It is one of the highest-ranked locations to begin searching for a new home.

When you’ve outgrown your home and need to start searching for a new one, there are several essential items you need to check off your list. When deciding what to look for when buying a house, consider these items first.

The perfect layout

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When shopping for your new luxury home, you know that space and layout are vital to making everyone in the family happy. If your home doesn’t have enough bedrooms and bathrooms, there will not be enough room to grow or even spread out comfortably.

While you may fall in love with a beautiful home that meets your needs for space today, you should consider that due to unforeseen circumstances, your space requirements may change in the future. You may have relatives move in, or you might decide to expand your family. In that case, the solution won’t be as simple as just adding on to the house. It’s important to choose a new home that aligns with your future plans and vision for your family.

Rooms like the kitchen and living room must also fit your family’s style. If you cook a lot, you need a space that reflects and supports that. The living room should be a comfortable space for the family to gather and relax.

You will also want to pick the home that has the best layout. If the house is not functional, chances are you will become dissatisfied in a short amount of time. Each room should smoothly flow into the next. Additionally, the setup should allow for future remodeling when the time comes to update your style.

A yard that suits your needs

Another valuable focus is the yard. If you enjoy spending time outside or your kids want outdoor play, you need a suitable space that is private and large enough. For a family with highly active children, a luxury home with a small yard will most likely not be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you do not want to deal with the maintenance and upkeep of a large yard, you may choose a tastefully small option. There are also those outfitted with swimming pools, hot tubs, and elaborate ponds and streams to decorate the landscape. You may also be interested in a spot you can landscape yourself, and a sizable yard is just what you will need. When deciding on your non-negotiables for your new home, the yard is a serious consideration to add to the list.

A beautiful and sound exterior

The curb appeal of your new luxury home is also an important component. You are investing significantly in your future and are likely not looking for a home improvement project. If the home’s exterior does not suit your tastes, you should not purchase it.

Additionally, you should be checking for any signs of neglect or disrepair, such as damage to the siding or cracks in the walls that could signal foundation problems. Newer homes are less likely to have these issues, so you may want to start your search there. Remember, when you inspect the home’s interior, the exterior is just as important and can create a costly problem if you miss something important. The home inspection is an important step in the purchase process that will reveal any areas of concern that need to be addressed.

All the right amenities

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When preparing to search for your dream Windsor, CO, home, one of the first steps is listing your non-negotiables. These essential things will make you happy in your new home, from a luxurious spa bathroom in the master suite to a five-star kitchen. It’s wise to focus on the features that will be more challenging or complex to add later on down the line. Think about the headaches and stress of remodeling projects and how you can avoid them by seeking out a home with these features already in place.

Finding a home that’s already equipped with all the amenities you want is easier and less stressful than performing extensive remodels later on. You will have the luxury of avoiding the mess of remodeling while enjoying the features you love.

The perfect location

Of course, the most crucial consideration when shopping for your new home is its location. Finding the ideal neighborhood that fits your family is the goal. You will want to thoroughly investigate the school system that serves the neighborhood to ensure your children will be receiving the stellar education they deserve. Windsor offers excellent educational opportunities from elementary through high school. Windsor Charter Academy is ranked among the top 12% of all schools in Colorado.

You also want to find a location that’s central to all the great activities Windsor, CO, offers. Shopping and dining options are something many look for when purchasing a home, preventing the need for excessive traveling. For example, Windsor features such high-quality dining options as Chimney Park. The abundant options make this a fabulously convenient place to settle down.

A seasoned real estate agent to help you through the process

Navigating the real estate world can be stressful and confusing without a seasoned Windsor, CO, real estate agent on your team. They will help you find your dream home, ensuring that the property meets your chosen criteria. Additionally, your agent will be well-versed in the local area and the market and can guide you toward the wisest investment.

Contact skilled agent Christian Garcia when you are ready to start the buying process. Christian is ready to guide you every step of the way, with care and devotion at every turn. Reach out today!

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