7-Point Checklist to Help You Relocate to Evans, Colorado

7-Point Checklist to Help You Relocate to Evans, Colorado

Evans offers the feel of a small town with the connection and engagement of the larger city life of Greeley. If you are looking for great reasons to move to this area, look no further than Evans. Evans is a perfect merger of suburban bliss cozied right up against an area full of employment and leisure opportunities. Here are some things to know about Evans before making the move.

Step 1: Get ready to celebrate new beginnings

Founded in 1869, Evans was once a true gem of the ole-time Wild West. Named after the second governor of Colorado, the town boasted of having the only license to gamble and sell liquor for many years, resulting in Evans becoming a hotspot for entertainment and trade. Today, there are many more things to brag about in this wonderful community, but the past is still celebrated every year with a two-day-long celebratory event called the Heritage Festival. You do not want to miss this cultural treat jam-packed with food, fireworks, parades, hot air balloons, and fun for all ages. The sense of community is strong here in Evans and if you have been missing that quality, get ready to be welcomed as one of our new neighbors. 

Step 2: Assess the livability

A town’s livability is determined by the occupants’ level of quality of life. This aspect is decided by measuring how well the residents can live without having to struggle with objective factors such as healthcare, transportation, the environment, and educational opportunities, as well as subjective reasons like spiritual and emotional attachments to the land or town. Surveys are run by different companies and government agencies each year, and livability scores are compiled so that you can see the ease of living in each area. While the scores frequently fluctuate, Evans has ranked consistently high for many years. The population of Evans is increasing, but at a slow rate, which is helping to ensure the town’s infrastructure does not become overwhelmed. Evans maintains a wide-open rural suburban atmosphere while being interconnected with the city life of the surrounding communities.

Step 3: Get ready to make friends in high places

Greeley, Colorado, is home to the University of Northern Colorado, and the benefits of this relationship shine through to Evans as well. UNC is a doctoral research university and is one of the largest employers in the metropolitan area. It inspires the atmosphere of a college town, with many pubs, breweries, outdoor festivities, and art installations. Being so close to Greeley allows Evans residents the benefit of greater employment opportunities and rich leisure and nightlife without a long commute.

If you’re looking for even more excitement, you’re in luck: just an hour’s drive away, and you’ll find yourself in Denver. The Mile High City is already well known for its gorgeous weather and colossal elevation, but it also has one of the largest downtowns in the nation. Evans is close enough to make a day trip to Denver to visit the iconic Coors Field, the inspiring Denver Art Museum, or the thrilling Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. Living in Evans keeps you close to the action of the big cities without losing the small-town feel.

Step 4: Prepare to embrace giants

The majestic Rocky Mountains surround Evans. The Rocky Mountain National Park is 415 square miles of beautiful, peaceful forested mountain oases filled with opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and viewing wildlife. No matter which direction you look, you’ll see miles and miles of beautiful, verdant forests, cerulean waterfalls, and the monolithic, ancient Rocky Mountains.

When you need fresh air with a dose of wide-open spaces, head out to the Pawnee National Grassland. North of Greeley, the Pawnee National Grassland is an expansive preserve consisting of 193,060 acres. There are several hiking trails and campgrounds available to visitors, including the Crow Valley Recreation Area, a family and group campsite that includes a baseball diamond, a horseshoe pit, and nature trails that are perfect for bird-watching with the entire family.

Step 5: Get used to greater peace of mind 

Relocating to a new area can always cause a bit of trepidation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the trends of that region. You can rest easy knowing that Evans has a peaceful demeanor, striving for a family-friendly atmosphere in a busy world. You can move your family into Evans knowing that you are doing so with peace of mind and confidence in the security of your new community.

Step 6: Be sure you are ready to spread the love

There’s a lot to love in Evans. With a variety of jobs to offer and a multitude of flavors of people and communities, Evans is ready to offer you and your family a place to settle down forever. You are sure to love such ready access to luxury amenities as golfing in the Highland Hills or relaxing at our trendiest high-end day spas. If you find yourself moving to attend or work at one of the schools in Greeley, consider Evans a quieter, more affordable place to settle down. The commute is short, and the Evans, CO homes for sale are high-quality, luxury homes for affordable prices.

One last step

Relocating to a new area is a huge transition in a person’s life. You do not have to make these changes alone. If there is anything that Evans has to offer, it is a community of helpful, friendly people who strive to build lasting relationships within their neighborhoods.

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