4 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

4 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

Every real estate transaction, whether buying or selling a home, comes with many complexities that can be challenging and stressful. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way, and having a trusted agent at your side will make all the difference. A quality agent will put your mind at ease throughout the process by answering any questions. Whether you're concerned with what should be done to your home before listing it or how the purchasing process works, they'll have the answers. Your goal is to find someone who will work on your behalf to either sell your home for top dollar or find you your dream home for the best deal.

Millions of active realtors across the nation are members of the National Association of Realtors, adhering to a strict code of ethics. With so many quality agents, finding a reputable agent should be relatively easy. How do you know you've found a great agent, though? You'll want to look for key factors to find the right agent. These include communication skills, knowledge of the current market, marketing tactics, neighborhood demographics, and personality.

To help you choose a realtor, we've put together a list of four helpful tips to consider in your search.

Communication skills

No matter the type of transaction you're pursuing, having an agent who could be better at communicating can be very stressful. Real estate markets are often time-sensitive, so having a trusted agent who will be consistent with communication and keep you up-to-date without being asked is imperative. If they are in constant contact, you could save precious time and opportunities, translating into thousands of dollars saved. This trait is easy to notice from the beginning and should be one of the first things you consider. Good agents know that communication is needed throughout every detail of the process, from contracts to negotiations, and should do it well.

Consider these questions to help determine whether an agent has the type of communication skills you're looking to find.

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  • Do they ask follow-up questions when you're speaking? If they do, they're active listeners and want to understand your desires, which will help throughout the process.
  • Are they responsive to phone calls or e-mails? Were they quick to respond if you had to leave an initial message?
  • Are they giving a lot of information? If they have yet to say much about themselves, the process, or what they can do for you, they likely aren't good communicators.
It's important to remember that communication is vital in the real estate world, and you want to ensure the person advocating for you will excel at it. Along with communication and being able to talk to you comes listening skills.

Another huge asset for any real estate agent is being a good listener means they will attempt to understand your preferences, which is how they will get you to the finish line. When you first sit down to meet with them and discuss what your goals are, you should do the majority of the speaking. What your agent should be able to do is repeat back what your needs are and ask questions that show they are listening and care about your wants. You can also consider their body language, hand gestures, and other non-verbal cues that show they are genuinely listening to you.

Whether you prefer in-person meetings, e-mail communication, phone calls, or text messages, their ability to listen and communicate effectively should remain the same. Be sure to pay careful attention to if an agent makes you feel heard.

Experience and expertise

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Though similar, these two traits are slightly different, yet both matter significantly in a real estate agent. Agents should have plenty of expertise in their specific areas, whether that means pricing, home valuations, negotiating skills, or knowledge of home types and designs. Having an agent who has the expertise will help you save time and money when purchasing, make more money when selling your home, and avoid costly mistakes either way. They should also have a good amount of experience. This doesn't mean that a relatively new agent isn't going to be a good fit. However, you want to ensure the agent you choose has time to get their feet wet, figure out their best assets, and create a solid network.

Market knowledge

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Knowledge of the current market and trends will be vital for a successful transaction. This means understanding your specific region, neighborhood demographics, national market trends, and more. If the agent you choose knows very little about Greeley, CO, real estate, your home buying or selling search will be less likely to go the way you desire. The market often fluctuates in minor and significant ways, and while it's not easy to predict that, maintaining knowledge helps and can help ensure prompt actions are taken. Knowing how quickly homes usually sell, the best ways to market your home to many people, and how fast you need to move to buy your dream home will make the process smooth and easy. It only takes a little bit of research, asking for referrals, and going over reviews to know whether they are genuinely knowledgeable.

Extensive network

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Real estate agents are in constant contact with other members of this line of work. These include professionals who are bankers, brokers, lenders, contractors, home stagers, and professional photographers. This network is vital to real estate transactions because it takes an entire team to finalize one. Additionally, having this network means if they can't answer specific questions or assist you, they can easily find someone who can. Real estate agents have resources that are quintessential to buying and selling.

Research is going to be critical in the search for a realtor. Talk to friends, family members, and neighbors who have recently moved within the area, search websites, and find a local company. Once you've narrowed your search down, look at referrals, reviews, previous work history, how many homes they've sold, accolades, etc. Considering these essential qualities, you can be confident you've made the most informed decision possible.

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